News Item

November 21, 2022

We, the bishops of the North American Roman Catholic Womanpriest movement, condemn the deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, CO.

We condemn violence in all its forms and call on all people to stand with the marginalized of society. 

We firmly believe that Jesus would embrace the friends and families of those so hatefully killed, offering comfort and consolation.

We just as firmly believe Jesus would be preaching and protesting against the proliferation of guns and gun violence in our society. Jesus would befriend the LGBTQI+ community just as he embraced the outcasts of his time.

The death of five and the wounding of more than a dozen others is indefensible, yet sadly is barely a headline amidst the daily violence.

The lives of all people are sacred and deserve our respect, our support and
our best defense.

We are called to be Christ to others, let us do so loudly and proudly.

In Christ,

+Suzanne Thiel, Bishop of the Western Region
+Jane Via, Bishop of the Region for the Holy Margins
+Jean Marchant, Bishop of the Eastern Region
+Jane Kryzanowski, Bishop of Canada
+Mary Keldermans, Bishop of the Great Waters Region
+Martha Sherman, Bishop of the Midwest Region