News Item – during a time of pandemic

Dear Friends,

During this time of pandemic, through your generosity; we have been able to give two gifts to our community of $300 each. The following are some of the comments I received from each in thank you notes that I thought would interest you:

First came a note from the Winona Volunteer Services with much gratitude expressed for our generosity and especially during this time of pandemic. Sandra Burke, the executive director let us know the changes they have been called to make to assure that their staff and clients are save in the wake of Covid 19.

At first WVS was allowing only one person to come in and “shop” at a time and very soon after they were required to simply give out pre-packed food boxes from Channel One Food Bank as an added measure to keep folks safe. Only one person from a family can come into the building, waiting in a designated area with a staff member placing the box into a cart for the person to take to again limit exposure to each other. They are also offering curbside pick-up.

Sandra concluded by saying that we should remember that our generosity makes their work possible!

The other donation was to Habitat for Humanity. In the spring of the year,  Habitat usually has two fund-raisers that cover many of their needs throughout the year along with the ReStore which now is closed. In lieu of needing to cancel the fund-raisers, Habitat asked for donations from the community to assist their work in absence of the other income.  Amanda Hedlund, executive director said of our gift to them:  You help us do so much. You help Habitat provide an essential service, and that work must go on! Thank you for helping to build wheelchair ramps for people who can’t get safely in and out of their homes. Thank you for helping to repair roofs for people getting rained on inside their homes.  Thank you for painting siding before it weathers beyond repair, and for cleaning brush before it lifts siding from the walls.  You are so important to Habitat for Humanity–you make this work happen.

So, my friends, there you have it–I wanted you to know the good your gifts do! Stay safe and well—Pastor Kathy