News Item–More on our Church Article!

Dear Friends,

It would seem that the Spirit wants this news to be shared! Yesterday I heard from one of you that the article was picked up by the Associated Press (AP)– Minnesota Woman Marks Ten Years as a Priest. And then this morning I heard from a man who works with an organization entitled, Ordain Women Now! who has worked with a woman priest in Red Wing and some of the women priests in the Twin Cities area to offer seminars to educate people about the women priest movement. He told me that the St. Cloud Times also carried our story and that he would like to come here in the fall or early winter to do a similar seminar with Q and A.   He says everywhere they go the comment always is, “I just didn’t know about this!”–so maybe our article is helping!

I told him that I work with our Interfaith Group here in Winona and that we have been doing films to educate people about the wealth there is within each of the many religious traditions and that I was going to offer Pink Smoke Over the Vatican by Jules Hart at our next offerings. He told me that this film is part of what they use too! So, I will keep you posted on what comes next!

Pastor Kathy