News Item–Radio Interview Today!


Hello Friends,

This is a bit late, but wanted to make you aware that three members of the Winona Interfaith Council, myself, Dick Dahl and Dan Wilson will be guests this morning on KWNO -Winona Radio at 8:35 to talk about the Sanctuary Movement in Winona. It is about an 8-10 minute interview and if you want to know more about what Winona is doing to stand behind our neighbors, friends, congregants facing deportation from this country–please tune in.
All Are One Roman Catholic church has become a Sanctuary Support Church on April 23, 2018 by unanimous vote of our church board–what this basically means is that we will be of spiritual, material and emotional support to the church in Winona that will hopefully say “yes” to becoming Winona’s Sanctuary Church–the church that would actually house those in need of sanctuary to keep them from deportation while their case is looked at to determine if they can actually stay in this country–in today’s political climate people can be rounded up and deported without a fair chance to defend themselves. As people of faith and conscience, we must stand by our sisters and brothers in need.
Blessings to all–Pastor Kathy