News Item–Sanctuary Support Community!

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce to all of you that All Are One Catholic church has officially become, by the action of our board, on Monday, April 23, 2018, a Sanctuary Support Congregation! At the next few Masses we celebrate, those present will have the opportunity to publicly say-pray the pledge for becoming a Sanctuary Support Congregation. An official statement will eventually be signed by myself and the board. We happen to be the first in our community to so designate ourselves but I am aware of at least two other congregations very close to doing the same. Our witness will give the church that is strongly considering  becoming Winona’s Sanctuary Church the support that they need to know that they aren’t standing alone. The more people/churches that  there are in support of this initiative the better it is for everyone involved.

I am not surprised that All Are One would be the first community of believers to say “yes” to this faith-filled action–we have been doing that now for almost 10 years! Our board members, Eric Bartleson, Nancy Miller, Mary Ludwigson, Kelly Teachout, Kathryn Krage and Robert Redig are to be commended for this action on behalf of our parish. I am honored and privileged to pastor you all!

Included below is the pledge that we officially and individually may make to affirm our support for this human and Christian outreach that we as a Catholic community have taken on:

“We affirm that as a congregation of people of faith, we are taking seriously the call to provide sanctuary support in the Winona Sanctuary Network.  We recognize that our immigrant neighbors are a vital part of our community and local economy and that due to a broken immigration system they have not all been allowed the legal protections that they deserve.  To this end we will use our privilege and our resources to stand with our community members that are in fear of deportation.  As a Sanctuary Support Community we are able to do this by providing; prayers, security, time, money, advocacy, relationship, and fellowship to the degree that is within our power.” 

With peace and love,

Pastor Kathy