News Item – From Pastor Dick Dahl


Four of us from All Are One will complete the 11 weekly get-togethers of the Red Boot Way on January 4. Each of us has expressed enthusiastic appreciation for the way the process has helped us. In fact, this has resulted in a unanimous desire to go through the process again, but to invite others to join us. We plan to start a new group on Wednesday, January 17. It will go for an hour beginning at 10 AM at the home of Mary Paskiewicz.

If you would like to be part of this or simply want more information about it, please contact Dick Dahl by e-mail ( or phone (507/453-9861).

The Red Boot Way creates compassionate communities by teaching a practice of intentional communication where self-awareness, connections and trust grow.

It consists of people who agree to meet for an hour once a week for eleven weeks. Each meeting focuses on one of the 11 Steps which are listed below. The guidelines are to speak only for oneself by using words like “I” or “my” and avoiding saying “you” or “we.”  No one has to speak and can pass when their turn comes if they prefer. Participants are guided to avoid the urge to fix, save, advise, or correct anyone else, and simply to compassionately listen to what others choose to share.

Step One: I am essential to myself, my family, and my community. I matter.

Step Two: I possess the power to positively influence all those with whom I come into contact. I am empowered.

Step Three: I am wonderfully and imperfectly human, with my own story and experiences. I am transparent.

Step Four: I can choose what and whom I allow to influence my mind, body, and personal environment. I am intentional.

Step Five: I approach those I meet with positive intent and likewise assume they come to me with positive intent. I am open.

Step Six: I am more peaceful and centered when I take time every day to be in stillness. I am grounded.

Step Seven: I humbly put aside my own agenda and listen with my whole heart before responding. I am present.

Step Eight: I approach my life and those in it with wonder and curiosity. I am curious.

Step Nine: Expressing gratitude is essential to my well-being and the well-being of my community. I am grateful.

Step Ten: When I practice these steps on a regular basis I gain and experience compassion for myself and others. I am compassionate.

Step Eleven: Living my life as outlined in these eleven steps positively impacts my life and the lives of those around me. I feel a new and joyful responsibility to serve my community.  I am engaged.