News Item – Red Boot Group

Dear Friends,

Pastor Dick Dahl has shared the following information with me about a group he plans to start and wanted you all to know about–it sounds as though it will be spiritually fulfilling. His contact information is below–please direct all inquiries to him. Thanks Dick for offering this group–blessings to all–Pastor Kathy

I would like to invite members of the All Are One Community to participate in a Red Boot group I am forming. A description of it follows.  Thanks, Dick

The Red Boot Way (formerly known as the Red Boot Coalition) was begun by Molly Barker. The name was inspired by the gift of a pair of red boots from her two kids on her 50th birthday. Having participated in a Washington DC bi-partisan commission seeking ways to bridge the political divide in Congress, Molly decided the problem was bigger than Congress. It was all of us.

Molly traveled from Charlotte, NC to Las Vegas, Nevada listening to hundreds of people who talked about their fears, concerns and hopes. Many themes emerged from this wide variety of conversations and these became the foundation on which she created an 11 step program to give people a way to engage in honest sharing and compassionate listening. In the Red Boot 11 Steps we create places where people feel safe, connected, and loved.

I have been through the 11 Step program a couple times and have recently completed training to guide a group. It will consist of people who agree to meet one a week for an hour for eleven weeks. Each meeting focuses on one of the 11 Steps. which are listed below (in very condensed form).  The guidelines are to speak only for oneself by using words like “I” or “my” and avoiding saying “you” or “we.”  No one has to speak but can pass when their turn comes if they prefer to give the gift of compassionate listening. Participants are guided to avoid the urge to fix, save, advise, or correct anyone else.

Step One: We matter.

Step Two: We are empowered.

Step Three: We are transparent.

Step Four: We are intentional.

Step Five: We are open.

Step Six: We are trusting.

Step Seven: We are present.

Step Eight: We are joyful.

Step Nine: We are grateful.

Step Ten: We are whole.

Step Eleven: We are engaged.

If you would like to participate in a Red Boot Group, please contact Dick Dahl by e-mail ( of phone (507/453-9861).