Sharing – 1st Week of Lent

My Friends–we continue again this week with the wisdom of Fr. Ed Hays…

Kything Day–The Scottish word kything means to be spiritually present to another person. Today, experiment with the practice of being spiritually in communion with someone. As you connect with a friend, a family member or someone you know who is in need, do so by recalling memories of that person, perhaps an image, a common thought or emotion or a scent. In your kything prayer you might strive to picture that person in his or her environment.  Then add to your kything a blessing prayer for whatever needs that person might have on this day. On any day, whenever the thought of someone enters your mind, practice the prayer of kything.  Blessed are those who do not only go to Communion but live in Communion.

We need each other.  By consciously connecting yourself with those who share the same vision as yours, those with whom you are joined by love and friendship, is to be for them a source of graceful energy.  While invisible to the eye, even the eye of a microscope, love is as real a source of energy as electricity.  Perhaps someday we will have the technology to see love.  For now, we can  only see its powerful effects all around us. Even when we love others at a distance, we see those effects by eyes of faith, for love knows no limits or boundaries.

Blessings on your Lenten Week!

Pastor Kathy