Sharing – 3rd Week of Lent

More wisdom from Fr. Ed Hays—

The Feast Day of Your Conception–This week on March 25, we will celebrate the Conception of Jesus, whose birth will be celebrated nine months hence on Christmas.  Today is a feast to remember the day you were conceived in your mother’s womb.  As a symbolic gesture, count down nine months from the date of your birth and turn to that day on the calendar. As one of your Star-Date entries, inscribe it as Conception Day. When we come to that day, remember your father and mother prayerfully and with gratitude.  Then reflect on how, along with their love, the Holy Spirit was also involved as the Spirit of Love in the holy act of your conception.

If you believe the life begins at conception, then consider measuring your years from that date instead of your birth date. When asked your age, you can playfully give two numbers.

Or you can count six months from your birth date and inscribe that day on your calendar as your half-birthday. Consider throwing a half-a-party for yourself on that day. On your half-birthday you might reverse the usual birthday custom and give gifts to those you love to celebrate the occasion.

Life is a celebration, and the more personal feast days we enjoy the more life can be lived as a joy instead of a duty.