Bulletin – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

  • Mass on Sunday, at 10 A.M. , September 4, 2022.
  • With regard to the Masses in September, please be aware of the following change.
  • Our usual Saturday Mass on the 3rd weekend will be changed, just for this month.
  • Instead of being held on Saturday, September 17th, the Saturday Mass for September will be on Saturday, September 24th.
  • As a result, on the third weekend, Mass will be on Sunday, September 18th.
  • In addition there will be no Mass on Sunday, September 25th. This is to accommodate the LCC who will be having their Family Weekend Liturgy in our time slot.


Dear Friends,

We are challenged with some hard sayings this week with regard to “doing the right thing.” And basically, it comes down to asking the question, “What does ‘love’ ask me to do here?” It won’t be a black and white answer, by the way.

Come; ponder this question and others with us this week.

Peace and Love,

Pastor Kathy

P.S. Please don’t ever hesitate to call, 507-429-3616 or email, aaorcc2008@gmail.com if I can help in any way.



  • Wisdom 9: 13-18
  • Philemon 9-10, 12-17
  • Luke 14: 25-33