Bulletin – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

  • Mass on Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 10 A.M. COVID safety measures are still in place–vaccinations and masks required.
  • November–Book of Life –remember to bring any dates of friends or loved ones who have died that you would like to add.
  • We now have two individuals who are willing to run for the board–a big thank you to them and you will be hearing more on this in the future.


Dear Friends,

With this Sunday, we are relentlessly moving toward the end of the Church Year–a time to reflect more deeply than usual, how our past year of faith has been.

Come; reflect with us this Sunday.

Peace and love,

Pastor Kathy

P.S. Please be in touch if I can help in any way–aaorcc2008@gmail.com or 507-429-3616.



  • Daniel 12: 1-3
  • Hebrews 10: 11-14, 18
  • Mark 13: 24-32