Bulletin – 16th Weekend in Ordinary Time

  • Mass on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. in our regular space. In-person Masses are for those who are fully vaccinated. Children unable to yet be vaccinated can attend this setting of completely vaccinated adults without masks at their parents’ discretion. The best scientific advice tells us that children generally don’t infect each other and that the only way they would get COVID is from an unvaccinated adult. Adults that are vaccinated protect the children it is thought.
  • Just so that you can plan and feel safe, the following will be in place for the time being: no hand-holding at the Our Father, reception of communion in bread form only, and no physical expression (touch) at “kiss of peace” except among families–waves, smiles–fine!
  • July 25, 2021, Sunday, is our annual Mary of Magdala Mass on the Redig Farm beginning with Mass at 10 A.M. followed by a pot-luck lunch. If you haven’t yet signed up, let me know if you can join us and what you might be able to bring to share. We weren’t able to do this last year due to COVID, so we are truly looking forward to sharing this special time with you once again.


Dear Friends,

“Sheep” and “shepherd” terminology are very much present in this week’s readings. Ideas about “trust,” “comfort,” and “love” rise to the surface, but also underscore the message as we try to be more, in close contact with our loving God.

Come; ponder all this with our community on Saturday.

Peace and love, Pastor Kathy

P.S. Please never hesitate to call, 507-429-3616 or email, aaorcc2008@gmail.com if I can help in any way.



  • Jeremiah 23: 1-6
  • Ephesians 2: 13-18
  • Mark 6: 30-34