Bulletin – Ash Wednesday and First Sunday of Lent in a Time of Pandemic

Dear Friends,

The holy season of Lent is almost upon us with Ash Wednesday starting us off tomorrow. Joan Chittister tells us that Lent is about becoming, doing and changing whatever it is that is blocking the fullness of life in us right now. Have we let relationships with family members or friends go by the wayside? Have we let care for ourselves go–exercising regularly, eating in a more healthy way, reaching out beyond ourselves, Sister Joan asks.

Catholics have in the past, often looked at Lent as a time to “give up” something with the intent of becoming a stronger, better person. In more recent years, we all have been encouraged to “give to” rather than, “give up” something and I would suggest that we look at what is needed within us as individuals and do something to make that a reality. We have been invited to use the Lenten calendar from Habitat for Humanity as a way to help those who have less. Maybe you have wanted to do some regular spiritual reading….And in the end, do what is most meaningful for you!

Friends, when we meet for our Zoom Mass this month, February 28, at 10 A.M. CST, we will do an “Ashes Ritual” as we won’t be meeting in person on Ash Wednesday–tomorrow. You are probably already thinking about what you might want to do to better yourself during this next 40 days and I will share readings for tomorrow and Sunday at the end of this.

If you can’t be with us for the Zoom Mass on the 28th of this month, you can perform the following ritual tomorrow. If you can be with the community via Zoom, we will do this together then.

Take some of last year’s palms and place in a fire-proof container. To this, take a small piece of paper and write on it something that you want to do this Lent to help make you a better person. If more than one person is in your home, you can use the same container. We will burn the contents together at the Offertory time and then sign ourselves with the ashes after Communion. If you can’t be with us on the 28th, do the ritual when best for you. I give my sister-priest Alice credit for this idea.

Wishing each of you peace and love, stay well and safe as we all await our vaccinations! Pastor Kathy

P.S. Call me 507-429-3616 or email, aaorcc2008@gmail.com if you need me or just want to chat, if I don’t get to you first!


Readings for Ash Wednesday:

  • Joel 2: 12-18
  • 2 Corinthians 5: 2–6:2
  • Matthew 6: 1-6, 16-18

Readings for 1st Sunday of Lent

  • Genesis 9: 8-15
  • 1 Peter 3: 18-22
  • Mark 1: 12-15