Bulletin – 21st Sunday in [Extra] Ordinary Time in a Pandemic

Dear Friends,

NO PHYSICAL MASS this weekend.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 10 A.M. CDT–All Are One Catholic church Zoom Mass!

We continue our walk through this year–2020 in [Extra] Ordinary Time in a pandemic and we are called to reflect on, “a God who cares.”  Let us contemplate on this idea through the chosen readings of this Sunday.  Let us find hope in the world in which we live–let us do this together!

Peace and love,

Pastor Kathy

P.S. Please be in touch if I can be of help or if you just want to chat:  507-429-3616 or by email, aaorcc2008@gmail.com.  Take care and stay safe!


  • Isaiah 22: 15, 19-23
  • Romans 11: 33-36
  • Matthew 16: 13-20