Sharing – Thoughts on the Eucharist via Zoom

My dear friends,

On this Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 10 A.M., CDT, we will, as a community, have, for the first time, the opportunity for a Mass through the technology of Zoom! Our board met successfully last evening through this format and it was so good to “see” each other again!

These are new times that call for new ways of being Church and community–something we have been talking about during this time of pandemic.  I realize that many have already used Zoom for other meetings and gatherings, so this should be very easy for you.  Some may not have yet done this, so it will be something new, but because of the good prep work of my son-in-law, Adam, who will be standing by on Sunday; I think this will be a good experience for all of us who can join in.

This first Mass on Zoom will be a celebration of Mary of Magdala (feast day, July 22) and of all women, recognizing our loving God’s intention, as exemplified so well in our brother Jesus’ earthly life of inclusion of all, that we are,  women and men, equally called to serve as ministers at the altar.

As I pondered how to best do this Mass, knowing that only a few, (my personal family) will be present in the room with me to receive the Eucharistic bread; I am extending an invitation to you who join us on Sunday to participate in a special way, new to all of us, but one that other women priests have been using in their Zoom liturgies.

Those of you who are part of our Winona, All Are One community, know that I always invite you to pray the Eucharistic Prayer with me including the words of institution–” This is my body…this is my blood.  I humbly remind you that I have the privilege of being the presider, but you all are celebrants with me and together, through the words and our faith, we make Jesus present.  During this time of pandemic, in the absence of the physical bread, I have reminded us that Jesus is always with us and that we are being called to experience his presence in a different way.

So now my friends, again we have a new opportunity and your participation, that I spoke of above,  in a special way,  is my invitation to you,  if you wish, to bring your own bread and wine, or grape juice to the Zoom Liturgy and when we all say the words together, in our faith, Jesus will be present in the bread and wine of our “collective altars.”  This is what we do in our Masses at Lutheran Campus Center as you exercise your “priesthood of the faithful.”

I realize that this might feel strange to some of you, but the only difference is that we won’t be in the same room and I believe that the Spirit can make the leap!

Hopefully this makes sense and can rest easily on your hearts.  I shared this plan with the board last evening and they were in agreement to proceed.  And again, if you are uncomfortable with this plan, please know that it is an invitation and is totally up to you to decide what you want to do.

If you have questions or concerns, please be in contact and we can talk. or 507-429-3616.

I will send the link for the Sunday Zoom Mass plus some written material for your participation in a few days,

Love and peace,

Pastor Kathy