Bulletin – Trinity Sunday in a Time of Pandemic and National Unrest


Remember to keep our brother, Eric B. in your prayers.

Dear Friends,

This has been a momentous week filled with much upheaval and unrest–in many ways, a much-needed week in the wake of the brutal murder of our black brother, George Floyd, at the hands of white police officers as we hopefully, now, begin to address systemic racism in our country.

This weekend we celebrate the goodness of our trinitarian God who comes as Creator, Savior, Spirit-friend–to be one of us and with us.  Praising our God who is One “of kindness and mercy” is a wonderful backdrop as we confront the evil of racism .

Peace and love to all,

Pastor Kathy

P.S. Please be in touch if I can serve you in any way.


  • Exodus 34: 4-6, 8-9
  • 2 Corinthians 13: 11-13
  • John 3: 16-18