Bulletin – Ascension/7th Sunday of Easter in a Time of Pandemic


  By now you have heard that the six Minnesota Catholic bishops will defy our governor’s order for limited church openings gathering 10 or less people beginning June 1st and proceed with Masses beginning on May 26–Pentecost Sunday. The bishops have also said that their Masses will be conducted with 1/3 capacity of the church spaces being used. They have also said that with stringent measures in place  regarding sanitizing, wearing masks, etc. they feel all will be safe.

What these bishops don’t seem to understand when comparing the opening of “big box stores” as compared to churches, is the time spent in each facility. Shopping for necessities has been from the beginning of this pandemic and “in and out” sort of venture, whereas Mass is generally an hour or more in the same place, which makes for a less safe exposure. Another thing that the governor mentioned is that “singing” should basically not be done at this time for obvious reasons concerning potential transmission of the virus. I don’t read anything in the bishops’ statement regarding limiting singing, although that may be part of their plans. 

All Are One is not able to open as we are not able to social-distance in our space and keep parishioners safe, so until everyone can be tested and tracing put in place or a vaccine becomes available, we won’t be meeting.  There may be a time that we could try an outdoor Mass as the weather warms and the state has moved beyond its peak for transmission, but for now, my wisdom and best judgment is to abide by our governor’s wise, step-by-step and “let’s see” plans. 

Dear Friends,

In addition, as we plan and prepare for Pentecost, let us consider the ways that our God may be encouraging us, in this present day to live out our confirmations in Jesus’ Spirit.

Peace and love–stay safe and well!

Pastor Kathy


  • Acts 1: 1-11 (Ascension)
  • 1 Peter 4: 13-16
  • John 17: 1-11 (7th Sunday of Easter–last two)