Bulletin – 4th Sunday of Easter in a Time of Pandemic


Dear Friends,

No physical Mass once again this Sunday as we all social-distance to protect ourselves and each other.  This will be Good Shepherd Sunday as we reflect on our God who considers each one of us unique, calls us by name, and will leave the 99 to find us when we become, lost.

Robert and I continue our prayers for each of you and ask you to remember us as well.  We are a community and will remain one if we remember to hold each other in our hearts and prayers.  Our community has been praying for our brother, Eric B. and I wanted you to know that he has been able to return to his home in Willowbrook  with around-the-clock caregivers.  He is much happier now to be in this familiar place–thanks all for your prayers.

Stay safe and well and write, krredig@hbci.com or call, 507-429-3616 if I may be of particular service to you.

Peace and love,

Pastor Kathy


  • Acts 2: 14, 36-41
  • 1 Peter 2: 20-25
  • John 10: 1-10