Sharing–March 22, 2020–Sunday

Good Morning Friends,

Wanted you all to know that Robert and I read the readings and shared my homily this morning as we weren’t able to do it yesterday at this week’s Mass time.  We thought of you who physically are with us often and now can’t be–perhaps some of you shared the readings today too! We held you in our minds’ eyes and prayed for you in the “Prayers of the Faithful” and especially remembered Eric and Katherine who have health issues at present. I invite your prayers for them too.

Today is National Water Day–please consider what a wonderful gift “water” is and think about ways that you can conserve it, realizing that everyone on earth doesn’t have the abundance of it that most of us are blessed with.

I will try and be in contact with as many of you as I can by phone, email and on the web–please, if there is something you need that I can be helpful with, do not hesitate to contact me–even if you just want to talk!  507-429-3616.

Peace and love,

Pastor Kathy