Action Item–Contact Senators and Reps on Up-coming Gun Laws

Dear Friends,

I got the following email from Anne Morse who heads up MOMS DEMAND ACTION here in Winona about something pro-active we can do to let our MN senators and reps know how we feel about making our state safer from gun violence. Anne gives us a quick response through emails and also the option of phone calls to the senators on the committee looking at these bills. Do as much or as little as you can, but consider doing something. I found if I used my computer to have the phone numbers handy and called on my cell phone, it was pretty slick!

Thanks for whatever you can do!

Below is the list of members of the conference committee that will determine if our two bills – Red Flag Law and Criminal Background Checks on all Gun Sales – are kept in the public safety bill, or not.  This is our big moment!!!  Contact them in the order listed, as the Republicans are listed first, and they need to hear from us even more than the dems!  Just email all six of the dems in one email, but call the top six, and if you can only make one call, call Sen. Gazelka!   The vote might come as soon as tomorrow, so please do it now!!!!

Moms Demand Action – MN

TAKE ACTION: Minnesotans must have a public safety bill with criminal background checks and Red Flag protections. Contact these committee members as soon as possible and urge them to support background checks and the Red Flag protections.

Senator Paul Gazelka, 651.296.4875,

Senator Warren Limmer, 651-296-2159,

Senator Ron Latz, 651-297-8065,

Senator Mark Johnson, 651-296-5782,

Senator Andrew Lang, 651-296-4918,

Senator Bruce Anderson, 651-296-5981,

Rep. Melissa Hortman, 651-296-4280,

Rep. Nick Zerwas, 651-296-4237,

Rep. Dave Pinto, 651-296-4199,

Rep. Kelly Moller, 651-296-0141,

Rep. John Lesch, 651-296-4224,

Rep. Carlos Mariani, 651-296-9714,