Action Item–follow-up

Dear Friends,

As in my previous communique, I would add these points to consider when you write to any clergy member; i.e, pope, bishop, priest:
Again, be brief, to the point
Express your concern for our Church–that is why you are writing
The fact that trust needs to be re-established in the clergy
That will be done through complete honesty–all the files must be made open
Any bishop who knew about abusing priests and sent them on, must resign–good one to say to the pope, with respect
Express thanks that (pope and bishop) have expressed sorrow and met with abused and that programs are now in place to prevent any more abuse from happening (Courier–September letter from the Winona bishop–I will share later) but that the issues of clericalism and celibacy must be addressed in regard to the culture that has made the abuse possible
Encourage listening groups of priests and the bishop to really uncover what they collectively need to do to right this situation
The pope has stated in the August 20,2018 letter that basically everything is on the table in this matter. If that is so, than more lay involvement must be considered, married male priests, and women priests must be part of the discussion
So, friends, some ideas to consider as you contact others–blessings–Pastor Kathy