Action Item

Dear Friends, 

We have been attending prayer vigils, marching along with doing whatever we can to make a difference in the action toward getting a just immigration policy in our country.  Many of us are appalled at the actions out of Washington concerning the taking of children from their parents as a deterrent to people seeking asylum and a better life, free from violence in this country.  As we spoke of yesterday at Mass, below find a list of members of the Senate, House and Congress from Minnesota and Wisconsin.  If you feel moved to do some writing to any or all of these people in a position to do something about this deplorable situation, I would highly recommend and encourage that. 

There is also the opportunity each Thursday morning from 10-12 P.M. at the Blue Heron to join with others and write postcards to your Congress people.  Every little bit that we can do is good! Let’s not be complacent in this regard. 

Thank you, 

Pastor Kathy


List of Minnesota & Wisconsin U.S. Senators and Members of Congress

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D MN:    303 Hart Senate Office Bldg., Wash. DC 20510

Sen. Tina Smith, D MN:           309 Hart SOB

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D WIS: 709 Hart SOB

Sen. Ron Johnson, R WIS:     328 Hart SOB

House of Representatives (CHOB, Cannon House Office Building;

LHOB Longworth …;  RHOB: Rayburn…)

Keith Ellison, D MN-5:      2263 RHOB

Betty McCollum, D MN-4: 2256 RHOB

Richard Nolan, D MN-6:   2366 RHOB

Collin Peterson, D MN-7: 2204 RHOB

Tim Walz, D MN-1:          2313 RHOB

Tom Emmer, R MN-6:     315 CHOB

Jason Lewis, R MN-2:     418 CHOB

Erik Paulsen, R MN-3:    127 CHOB

Sean Duffy, R WIS-7:                  2330 RHOB

Mike Gallagher, R WIS-8:            1007 LHOB

Glen Grothman, R WIS-6:            1217 LHOB

Paul Ryan, R WIS-1:                    1233 LHOB

James Sensenbrenner, R WIS-5: 2449 RHOB

Mark Pocan, D WIS-2:                  1421 LHOB

Ron Kind, D WIS-3:                      1502 LHOB