Bulletin – 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 10 Year Celebration of Ministry

Dear Friends,

  • Mass on Sunday at 10 A.M., June 10, 2018
  • This is our 10 Year Celebration of Ministry–Celebration continues after Mass from 11:30 – 2 P.M.  REMEMBER THAT THIS IS TRINONA WEEKEND–GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME WHEN COMING TO MASS. 
  • I understand that the Winona Daily News article on All Are One is to be in tomorrow’s paper!

This weekend, Sunday, June 10, 2018 we will be celebrating 10 years of ministry as a Vatican II parish in Winona, MN.  We are very excited to celebrate this milestone–hopefully you can come by to be with us, or in spirit.

We are so grateful for the blessings of these years!

Peace and Love,

Pastor Kathy


  • Genesis 3: 9-15
  • 2 Corinthians 4: 13–5:1
  • Mark 3: 20-35