Bulletin – Easter Vigil/Easter Celebration

Dear Friends,

  • We will be meeting this afternoon, Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. for the Easter Vigil which will also serve as our Easter Service –THERE WILL BE NO MASS ON SUNDAY!
  • Please bring small bottles with you to take some of the blessed, holy water with you, if you wish. I will have it available for a few weeks if you can’t be at the service tonight. 

We are meeting on Saturday, today, for our Easter celebration as it is the 3rd Saturday of the month and we regularly meet then for Mass. Given that, it allows us to partake in the very rich and meaningful, Easter Vigil liturgy.  This service incorporates the story of our faith, from our fore parents and prophets on through to the coming of our brother, Jesus, the Christ of whom we celebrate in completeness this weekend.

The Easter Vigil is rich in ritual–the lighting of the new fire, the blessing of the new water, a renewal of our baptismal promises and the Eucharist.

Come; be with us and celebrate these beautiful tenets of our faith.  If you can’t be with us, know that our community will be praying for you and your families this night–a special blessing be upon those who are traveling to get there and back, safely.

Peace and love, Happy Easter!

Pastor Kathy

P.S. It was announced at our Good Friday service that the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship had invited us to a special service on this Sunday.  This was in error–the service is on April 23rd instead.  Sorry for the confusion.


Prelude to Mass–3 of the 6 used for this service

  • Genesis 1:1–2:2
  • Exodus 14:15–15:1
  • Isaiah 55: 1-11

Mass Readings:

  • Romans 6: 3-11
  • Matthew 28: 1-10