Bulletin -Mary of Magdala Liturgy

Dear Friends,

This Sunday we will be celebrating in a special way, remembering a prophet, priest and evangelizer, Mary of Magdala. It will also be a special day to remember and uplift all women, accepting them for all their gifts and their God-given calls to service and ministry. You will notice that we will be using three Gospel texts as our readings to uplift the memory of Mary of Magdala and the other women who followed Jesus.

We will likewise celebrate in a special place–on the Redig Family Farm with an outdoor Mass and a potluck picnic to follow, weather permitting. Actually, the Mass and picnic will happen regardless of weather, so come rain or shine, but prayer for “shine!” (:

If you haven’t yet signed up, there is still time–just email me krredig@hbci.com.

Come; celebrate with us this week!

Peace and love,

Pastor Kathy


  • Luke 8: 1-3
  • Mark 15: 40-47
  • John 20: 11-18