Bulletin – 7th Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends,

This Sunday is the last one of the Easter Season with Pentecost following in another week.  The Easter Season calls us to be grown-ups in our faith–it calls us to be our best selves when convenient and when not–to always keep our eyes on Jesus who shows us the way and is our strength.

This Thursday marks the Ascension of our brother Jesus–a permanent change in how he is with us–not in his physical presence any longer, but in his Spirit.  Our grown-up faith calls us to see him in each other.  We will not be gathering for Mass on Thursday as a community–I invite you to remember that where two or three are gathered, Jesus is with us.  Certainly, if you wish to attend liturgy, do that at our sister churches in town.

Note:  Today, May 4 marks my 8th anniversary of ordination and next week on May 10, our 8th anniversary as a parish community. Please, let’s prayer for each other as we continue to follow the Spirit’s lead.


  • Acts 7: 55-60
  • Revelation 22: 12-14, 16-17, 20
  • John 17: 20-26