Bulletin – 3rd Sunday of Easter

Dear Friends,

We continue our attempts to live as Easter people, walking in faith, because we don’t understand  “resurrection” any more than did Jesus’ first followers–all we know is that this phenomenon changed Jesus and it calls us to change as well in our lives.  Empowered in our faith journeys by the inspiration of Jesus’ Spirit; we are called to carry on his work, as he said, “feed and care for my sheep.”  May we be blessed each day in this task.

Come; celebrate this Easter time with us this week!

Peace and love,

Pastor Kathy

P.S.Remember to save Sunday, July 24, 2016 for the Mary of Magdala Mass on the farm!



  • Acts 5: 27-32, 40-41
  • Revelation 5: 11-14
  • John 21: 1-19