Bulletin – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,

This next week calls for openness in each of us. The prophet, Isaiah instructs us to, “fear not,” because our God is with us. It would seem that all the good things promised us through the prophet will come, if they come, through us showing no partiality toward the rich or poor, as James teaches, but welcoming all equally. Our brother Jesus, as always, shows us the way—he opened the ears and mouth of a deaf mute—we too are called upon to help others hear and speak their truth.  May we be encouraged and blessed in these tasks.

A special note: We will be returning this Sunday, from our trek to Alaska and across parts of Canada—we are most grateful to Pastor Dick Dahl for pastoring the parish, offering Mass and being a sustaining presence in our absence. We have felt your prayers of support and care and are most appreciative. We have missed you all and look forward to connecting again!

Peace and love,

Pastor Kathy


  • James 2: 1-5
  • Mark 7: 31-37
  • Isaiah 35: 4-7A