News Item–More on our Church Article!

Dear Friends,

It would seem that the Spirit wants this news to be shared! Yesterday I heard from one of you that the article was picked up by the Associated Press (AP)– Minnesota Woman Marks Ten Years as a Priest. And then this morning I heard from a man who works with an organization entitled, Ordain Women Now! who has worked with a woman priest in Red Wing and some of the women priests in the Twin Cities area to offer seminars to educate people about the women priest movement. He told me that the St. Cloud Times also carried our story and that he would like to come here in the fall or early winter to do a similar seminar with Q and A.   He says everywhere they go the comment always is, “I just didn’t know about this!”–so maybe our article is helping!

I told him that I work with our Interfaith Group here in Winona and that we have been doing films to educate people about the wealth there is within each of the many religious traditions and that I was going to offer Pink Smoke Over the Vatican by Jules Hart at our next offerings. He told me that this film is part of what they use too! So, I will keep you posted on what comes next!

Pastor Kathy

News Item

Dear Friends,

I learned this morning from an RCWP (Roman Catholic Women Priests) friend this morning that our Winona story covering our ten year celebration was picked up and shared in the daily news feed of the National Catholic Reporter–below is the link:  Simply scroll down a bit and you will find it! Pretty exciting I think! –Pastor Kathy


Morning Briefing

NCR staff writer Brian Roewe was with the U.S. bishops’ conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this week. Some highlights from that meeting:

Some bishops had called for a completely fresh re-write of their quadrennial guide to participation in the poloitical process, to better reflect the current political climate. Most declined that challenge voting instead supplement rather than redraft and reissue Faithful Citizenship guide. (This article is a total update from the story we posted yeterday, so check it out. You might say that — unlike Faithful Citizenship — our story has been revised and reissued. 😉

Explore this NCR special report with recent articles on the topic of immigration and family separation.

The bishops began their spring assembly decrying Trump administration’s immigration policiesUS bishops condemn separating families at border

They also made incremental changes to the Dallas Charter, their guiding document on addressing sexual abuse of minors by clergy: Expanded background checks among changes to child protection charter

Michael Sean Winters wasn’t physcially in Florida, but he had his finger on the pulse of the meeting:

NCR has been following the immigration issue closely since before Donald Trump came to office. Here’s a round of our most recent reporting: Families Separated at the Border

Brownsville, Texas — Inside Casa Padre, the converted Walmart where the U.S. is holding nearly 1,500 immigrant children

Archbishop Luis Ladaria, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, stirred up some water when he write in L’Osservatore Romano last month reaffirming the Catholic Church’s ban on the ordination of women as priests, writing in a new article that the teaching has a “definitive character” and “is a truth belonging to the deposit of faith.” Reactions were swift to come, Advocates dismayed by reaffirming ban on women priests, with a great many finding Ladaria’s arguments not only unconvincing but frankly repetitive of views refuted many times over.

I dug into the NCR archives, and found a couple of gems from the U.S. bishops’ conference meeting, which I wrote about here: Ban on women priests didn’t seem settled teaching in 1992 Sr. Christine Schenk went a lot deeper than I did, digging into ancient texts and archeology. She found Vatican statements on women and ordinationahistorical and biblically naive. It is embarrassing. We’ve got more to come on this topic next week, so stay tuned.

Roman Catholic Woman Priest celebrates 10 years of ministry in Winona, Minnesota. “It’s really humbling when I think of the good things that have happened in these 10 years. It’s just a blessing.”

Dr. Gwen L. DuBois, president of Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility, says that\ North Korea shouldn’t have nukes — and neither should we

An interesting piece from Smithsonian magazine:The History of Black Catholics in America The Black Catholic Movement reinvigorated the church, with liturgical innovation, new preaching styles and activist scholarship.

Chilean Police Raid Offices Of Catholic Church In Sex Abuse Scandal

Is this true? The bishops want more control over your health care?

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News Item–LAST CALL!

Dear Friends,

Today is the  last call for reservations for the June 10, 2018 celebration of our 10 year anniversary at All Are One Roman Catholic church. We need to know numbers to plan for food, so if you plan to come to Mass, the celebration or both, please RSVP today to Eryn Potthast at Our day begins with the 10 o’clock Mass and the celebration follows from 11:30 – 2 P.M. We gather at 451 Huff Street sharing the Lutheran Campus Center building adjacent to Mugby Junction.

Come; be with us and celebrate this historical moment in time!

Thank you! Hope to see many of you there–if you can’t be with us physically, do join us in spirit.

Peace and love,

Pastor Kathy


News Item–Saint John’s Bible

Hello Friends,

Just a note today to see of your interest in having a special time for All Are One Catholic church to view the Saint John’s Bible that will be available at St. Anne of Winona on May 23-June 4. The copy that will be on display is one of only 299 that were made from the original hand-written and illuminated Bible commissioned by a Benedictine monastery since the advent of the printing press more than 500 years ago.

The importance of scheduling a private showing is that you will have the opportunity to actually examine the Bible, whereas if you simply go in to see it,  there may not be staff there and the case holding the bible will be locked with only one illuminated page to view.

Let me know soon of your interest as we are trying to see if we have enough to schedule a private showing.

Thanks, Pastor Kathy



News Item–Radio Interview Today!


Hello Friends,

This is a bit late, but wanted to make you aware that three members of the Winona Interfaith Council, myself, Dick Dahl and Dan Wilson will be guests this morning on KWNO -Winona Radio at 8:35 to talk about the Sanctuary Movement in Winona. It is about an 8-10 minute interview and if you want to know more about what Winona is doing to stand behind our neighbors, friends, congregants facing deportation from this country–please tune in.
All Are One Roman Catholic church has become a Sanctuary Support Church on April 23, 2018 by unanimous vote of our church board–what this basically means is that we will be of spiritual, material and emotional support to the church in Winona that will hopefully say “yes” to becoming Winona’s Sanctuary Church–the church that would actually house those in need of sanctuary to keep them from deportation while their case is looked at to determine if they can actually stay in this country–in today’s political climate people can be rounded up and deported without a fair chance to defend themselves. As people of faith and conscience, we must stand by our sisters and brothers in need.
Blessings to all–Pastor Kathy